Painted Cherry, spindles, banister & newel post

Parlor Doors

Sandwich House


Cool tub, also !

The Sandwich House


The Sandwich House was awesome.  We only had a few days to salvage and a lot was already done, before we came in to the picture. We were still able to get molding, bannisters, newel posts (did I spell that right?) Some spectacular doors including the front door and the very large parlor doors. They are 3ft w x 8 ft tall each!!

As far as the history goes, it is pretty interesting. A sea captain named William Davis retired from his sea career and settled in what is now Sandwich, IL in 1835. At one time, his estate included 400acres. He initially built a log cabin and then a small frame house. The Large brick home, which is the one that I am referring to as "The Sandwich House", was built in1869. I heard that it was the first brick house in Sandwich, but I don't have anything definitive on that. Mr . Davis, and his wife Eliza, had 5 children and lived in this house until their deaths in 1890 & 1894 respectively. 

Eliza  was supposedly one of three women that was involved in getting a church built in the area in the early 1840's.

I hate to see historical buildings, like this one go away. But, it was in pretty bad shape and from what I could tell, beyond saving. I love when I can get the story, and I am sure that there is much more to this one. Once again, "if these walls could talk" Thanks to my brother Kevin for researching this for me.